French A2 training – September

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Training in a small group

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60 hours – 2 sessions per week – 120 minutes


Anyone wishing to improve their knowledge in French in the general and/or professional context


A2- beginner

Duration :

From the 5th September to the 14th December

Tuesdays & Thursdays  from 20:00 to 22:00


At the end of the course, and, depending on your personal work, you should be able to:

  • alk about yourself, your educational background, your job, your family, your neighbourhood
  • Talk about your hobbies and daily activities
  • Ask for goods in a shop where goods are displayed
  • Order a meal in a restaurant if dishes are either displayed or illustrated on the menu
  • Book a hotel room (face to face)
  • Ask for basic services in a post office or bank
  • Indicate the nature of a medical problem to a doctor
  • Make inquiries about a journey at a travel agency
  • Use public transport (buses, trains and taxis)
  • Ask your way and give directions
  • Buy tickets
  • Read notices, posters, catalogues, timetables, brochures, menus, advertisements, signs
  • Write notes and simple messages
  • Note down times, dates and places from notice boards and announcements
  • Note down instructions and requests such as client orders and delivery dates.
  • Describe events and daily activities


Certificate of level and participation



5 participants maximum – 3 minimum